Welcome to Vogania - Home of the artist Cathy Vogan

“Your work escapes all logical categories, including such stable categories as body/mind, reason/madness, normal/abnormal, nature/culture, pleasure/need, female/male. It caresses jouissance; a bliss without clear outlines, an orgasm without a body; it laughs at reason and makes fun of its prudent categories. I am a poet and I rely upon words, but your work leaves me tongue-tied, jumping up and down gesturing hysterically. Your work has no need of words, it simply shows and does not tell; it highlights a place beyond the Symbolic and its fascist structures. It shows another place woven in lace. Your work makes nonsense of structuralism and its obsessive search to reduce everything to deciphered structures and symbolic transactions. It puts under suspicion philosophy's grand claim to be a master discourse, a universal meta-discourse, that tells the undeniable story of Reason to all times and all people. Your work tiptoes around such skiting hierarchies, and is a concrete flight from representation, that subverts, disturbs the categories, and the perceptual and moral "certainties" that rely upon it."

With kindest regards,
john najjarr